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Re: Project for someone with time and will: website update

On Fri Apr 29, 2011 at 03:48:32 +0100, Lesley Binks wrote:

> > ?? ??* Over the past few months things have stagnated.

> Well, I would disagree. The d-w mentoring scheme has
> assigned about 12 people (male and female) to mentors (male and female)
> within the d-w project since September 2010.

  Let me try again.  Over the past few *years* the Debian Women
 project has stagnated; with few additional women joining the

  I'm pleased new mentors have been found, I'm pleased there
 is discussion upon the list again, I'm pleased this seems to
 be beginning to change again, but objectively there has
 been little "recent" activity.

> I think d-w is gender-inclusive and the d-w mentoring
> program has helped both male and female mentees find mentors.

  That is good.

> If there was no one else with the interest, confidence or w.h.y.
> to 'do' the website then I would accept that it is better the job is done
> rather than worry about the gender of the person doing it. 

  And this is even better.

> However,  I would certainly feel ambivalent about a group dedicated to the
> promotion of women within the Debian community having its
> website built by a bloke.

  I guess, as a bloke, that I tend to concentrate upon the other aim of
 the Debian Women group, which is to make Debian easier to become
 involved with for *anybody*, although obviously Women are the
 main market.

> Why?  If there are enough women with the relevant skills and time in
> debian-women to do a debian-women related task, why should a
> bloke do the job instead?

  Then we come down to finding volunteers, and wondering why nothing
 has changed (significantly) over the past couple of years.

> If you're claiming there is no kudos in being involved with the Debian
> project or any particular sub-project, be it debian-women, dsa,
> debian-security, debian-perl or any other part of the Debian project,
> then I will equally claim you are wrong.

  Indeed I accept people gain recognition from such activities, but
 at the same time if "Lee[0]" wants to make the website better for
 the website visitors then "Lee's notoriety" matters less than
 the fact that we've all gained from an updated website.

  On that basis I'm slightly suspicious that you've said it
 would be good to have for your portfolio - something nobody else
 has mentioned really.  Still if the upshot is that there is a site
 which everybody loves then I guess you've done a good job and the
 portfolio is part of that.  No real difference there than somebody
 who wants to maintain a package they use - and in the same
 OpenSource spirit *everybody* benefits from an active maintainer.

Debian GNU/Linux System Administration

[0] - Gender Neutral Name.

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