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Re: Welcome to DW

> I was referring more to the overall "tone" of the group.  Think of the ski
> lodge as a place where people enjoy themselves and each others company,
> where conversation is relaxed and friendly.  Think of the office as a brisk,
> brusque place where people stand tensely in lines and don't interact.  :)

Well, the IRC channel is the ski resort of the D-W project, so that's
probably why many of the project members use the mailing list as the
office place, with more serious tone....and subjects, like the ones
I'm currently reading after two weeks away.

This is a quite general tradition in the whole Debian project: mailing
lists are kept for technical and "serious" work (d-w topics of last
week *are* what I would call technical topics...).

And IRC channels are left for both purposes: both technical work (my
experience with the Debian Installer development channel) and less
technical and more socializing (#debian-women at some moments)....

> > [snip]
> > 
> At the moment I don't think this is the place for me.

Actually, I think you're wrong and, yes, work about i18n needing good
skilled English native speakers is still very widely opened, expecting
people just like you, Julie..:-)

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