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Re: adding gender field on debian developer's database (from debian-devel)

Christian Perrier wrote:

And, as Erinn already stated, the intent "behind" the proposal was
just having a way to get statistical data, in a more precise way than
just counting people we "know" are women.
There is no need to attach responses to the single people. One could gather data and thereafter anonymise it.

The gender/sex argument was raised just after I proposed this, as well
as the "if we have a gender field, why not a race/religion/whatever
field"....both being actually very valid arguments, which explain why
I didn't really insisted on this topic and currently have a very
"shared" opinion about this being or not a good idea...:-)
Wouldn´t it be interesting to look into other fields as well. If Debian´s aim is to be a universial os it would be interesting to know more about its producers? As said above: no need to link such data to names.


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