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Re: Welcome to DW

Hi Julie,

I just want to address one thing for purposes of clarification -- I
think Helen addressed most of your concerns very well already though. :)

* Julie Sloan <juliesloan@mindspring.com> [2005:08:16 11:09 -0400]: 
> As far as Jutta's complaint that a section of the site wasn't accessible
> with lynx (and responses concerning lynx), there again a lot of
> unnecessarily defensive and aggressive words were exchanged.  

I do think this is a problem with perception, and an understandable one
at that. The issue was originally brought up on IRC about 6 months ago
and we took care of the problem the same day, IIRC. A lot of the
discussion about it has also taken place on IRC, and those of us dealing
with the situation have had to deal with all meanner of insults
(insensitive, uncaring about accessibility, etc) so I suspect the people
you find replying aggressively are just tired of it. It's hard to strike
a balance between keeping the tone low and also making it clear that
unfair and untrue accusations are being made, I think. I'm still not
sure how situations like that should be dealt with when list subscribers
are missing a lot of context.

off the chain like a rebellious guanine nucleotide

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