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Re: adding gender field on debian developer's database (from debian-devel)

> > > I don't understand why so many people assume that such a field would
> > > be public if it were added.
> > Public as opposed to, seen only by DD? Public as opposed to seen only by
> > the db admin?
> I would assume this would be a field only visible to DDs, like most fields
> in the DB that contain personal info.

This is at least how I proposed it when I did so during the question
part of the d-w talk.

And, as Erinn already stated, the intent "behind" the proposal was
just having a way to get statistical data, in a more precise way than
just counting people we "know" are women.

We should remember that d-w is about "getting more women in
Debian". At least, the possibility to just count and see whether this
primary goal is achieved or not should be seen as of some importance..:-)

The gender/sex argument was raised just after I proposed this, as well
as the "if we have a gender field, why not a race/religion/whatever
field"....both being actually very valid arguments, which explain why
I didn't really insisted on this topic and currently have a very
"shared" opinion about this being or not a good idea...:-)

Anyway, it triggered an interesting discussion here, so it is finally
not a so bad idea..

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