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Re: Welcome to DW (was: Re: DW (was: Re: [gnome-women] Getting a Web Site Up & Logo Contest status)

While I realize I am probably about to step on a landmine and I wholeheartedly agree with Herman's concern about where and how this issue is escalating, but I would say that this issue is a rather huge misunderstanding. While I don't want to resort to cheap theatrics such as, "Can't we all just get along?" I would say that everyone on this list to whatever degree cares about Debian and also to a similar degree about encouraging women to adopt it or become involved in this project.  We must not become too entangled in our own cultural nuances that we each hold innate and allow it to hold us back from the larger goal.  Everyone looks at the world and each other with varying degrees of ethnocentricism. Erinn's comments could have been worded more politely, but in her viewpoint she was not being rude, but merely direct. Also, as Clytie had pointed out, it is not in her own cultural norms to be some domineering that she was put off by some things on the list. If anything I believe we should use this exchange to only make evident the long way we have to go to become more sensitive to each other's cultures so that we can truly work together towards to true goal of world domination of Debian. Ethnocentricism blinds all of us and it is something we need to constantly fight. We should probably return more to the point of the thread then let it continue down this rather questionable path.

On 8/15/05, || स्वक्ष || svaksha <svaksha@gmail.com> wrote:
On 8/16/05, Herman Robak <herman@skolelinux.no > wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Aug 2005 19:54:08 +0200, "|| स�वक�ष ""|| svaksha "
> <svaksha@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Does that mean the following..
> > /quote:
> > OK, well in my culture we prefer things to be dealt with head-on; the
> > behavior you describe strikes me as being passive aggressive and
> > manipulative.
> > /unquote,
> > is justified and acceptable on Debian/DW ?
>   I sense an escalation coming up here...
>  From a strictly practical point of view,
> if the answer is "yes", is there something
> d-w, you or Clytie should do about it?
> Any suggestions?

I cant comment about Clytie.  Speaking for myself,  I would prefer to
volunteer my time and effort elsewhere if the above behaviour is the
norm in DW/Debian.
|| स्वक्ष || svaksha

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