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Re: Welcome to DW

On Tue, Aug 16, 2005 at 08:07:52PM -0400, Julie Sloan wrote:

> I was referring more to the overall "tone" of the group.  Think of the ski
> lodge as a place where people enjoy themselves and each others company,
> where conversation is relaxed and friendly.  Think of the office as a brisk,
> brusque place where people stand tensely in lines and don't interact.  :)

Huh. That's funny. The last person from LinuxChix that I remember being
around was quite rude, belligerent, intolerant and completely and totally
insensitive to people when a disagreement was brought to light. She was
quite possibly one of the loudest and flamiest people that have been /on/
this list since it started.

I think, perhaps, the overall "tone" of any group, then, must be in the
"ear" of the beholder, because *I* was personally soured on LinuxChix thanks
to that one person, just as you've been soured on Debian-Women thanks to
this one thread.


Patty Langasek


At times, you may end up far away from you; you may not be 
sure of where you belong, anymore. But home is always 
there... because home is not a place. It's wherever your 
passion takes you.
                                --- J. Michael Straczynski

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