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Re: [wiki] questions

* Erinn Clark wrote:
> * HEGEDUS Hajnalka <heha@aszt.inf.elte.hu> [2005:08:15 18:15 +0200]: 
> > Hi All,
> Hi :)
> > If I know well, we should name translated pages the same as the English
> > originals to be able to keep track. Though I don't know what to do with
> > the grouping of pages. For example where should I put the translation for
> > PmWiki/TextFormattingRules? Shall we create a language directory under
> > each directory or vice versa?
> I'm actually not sure how to do this -- if Thierry's paying attention,
> he can probably comment. If you can figure out how to do it, I say go
> for it. :)

I'm not sure it makes sense to translate the official PmWiki pages, since
there already are translations available from pmwiki.org, which I've been
working to integrate into the DW wiki. Still, to answer the question, I
believe that the correct place for the Hungarian translations would be
PmWikiHu/TextFormattingRules. I could be mistaken though, since I have no
time to doublecheck right now. But as I said, it might be better to wait a
bit until I get around to uploading the official PmWiki localization files.

> > Is there a way to get all the files present in the wiki listed somehow? It
> > would be more convenient to browse a list to find out which pages are
> > still to translate than to go around pages, looking for links with ?s.
> I don't know how to do this either, but I'll poke Thierry just in case
> he's missed this.

I think something like that would need some work. Unfortunately I'm in a bit
in a hurry, so I'm unable to do much about this right now. I will be leaving
until the weekend, so if you'll wait just a little longer, I'll get back to
you then.


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