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Call for seconds: Suspension of the changes of the Project's membership procedures.

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Dear all,

Joerg Jaspert answered to my questions and some others on his blog, but the
informations that I think we need are still not provided.

 - It is not known whether the Secretary, the Project leader and his delegates
   for the system administration, the FTP archive, the maintainance of the
   keyring and the front desk endorse his proposal or not.

 - He wrote that things are not implemented and wont'be for "a bit more", but
   we still do not know if they are decided or not (this is not the same as
   implemented or not), nor how long is "a bit more".

I regret this precipitation and confusion, and therefore propose the following
general resolution and call for seconders.

- ---------------------------------------------------

 - Following the announcement of the 22nd of October on the debian-devel-announce
   mailing list (Message-id: <878wsgmi1j.fsf@vorlon.ganneff.de>) about "Developer

 - Given the importance of defining how the Project accepts new members;
 - Because of the strong opposition to the method used to prepare, discuss and
   decide the announced changes, and without judging on their validity;

The Debian Project, by the way of a general resolution of its developpers, decides:

 - The changes announced the 22nd of October on the debian-devel-announce
   mailing list (Message-id: <878wsgmi1j.fsf@vorlon.ganneff.de>) are suspended.

 - Evolution of the membership procedures of the Project will be prepared in a
   discussion that will be finished by consensus or a general resolution.

- ---------------------------------------------------

Actually, if the GR road is eventually taken, it can be done through amending
this proposal. This will save time and energy.

Have a nice day,

- -- 
Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan
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