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Re: How stable is the frozen stretch?

On 05/16/2017 06:22 AM, Thanatos Incarnate wrote:
Hello there,

Hi right back ;}

My 2 cents: If you're used to Debian Stable level stability, then
Testing might get on your nerves with its tiny little paper cuts
(Firefox crashing, Thunderbird not knowing what to do with your
Icedove profile, KDE having GUI elements that follow your set theme,
but then also others that don't, KDE PIM being crashy as ever,...).
Of course, the less complicated your system, the fewer bugs you'll
have. So, while Openbox, a panel and a terminal won't drive your
crazy even on Sid, KDE or Gnome might.

*ROFL!* <giggle><giggle> ;/
I've been a computer _user_ for a half-century.
About 5 years ago I started seriously plotting my escape from the gloppy GUI of an organization recently in the news. I investigated "Linux from Scratch", Slackware, and Ubuntu. Debian was chosen for having a good mixture of customizing possibilities and breath of easily installed tested software.

"Stability" was a secondary criterion. The the timing of the move to Testing was motivated by availability of a more current version of one application. The rest, as they say, is history.

My current mantra is "If retirement isn't for learning, what use is it?"

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