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Re: How stable is the frozen stretch?

On 05/13/2017 07:08 AM, RavenLX wrote:
Also I hate dual-booting. I normally forget the other OS is there
and it just sets there just taking up HD space instead.

Having dual boot systems has it's advantages and disadvantages. But in
my particular case, I've found virtual machines to be more to my
liking as they don't require me to dual boot.

Also on the "other OS" I would still have emails, etc in that
version's thunderbird and it would be a hassle to keep having to
import them all to the "main" OS, and I don't like having to remember
(and always forgetting) to pop in a USB stick to save/get emails.

I've had a loosely similar situation. I multi-boot diferent configurations of Debian 8 and 9 - at least 2 of each. I use SeaMonkey available at https://www.seamonkey-project.org/releases/ . I move between configurations sereral times a day. I have a solution which works for me. Although I know of purists who say "Don't do that" ;/ I suspect a similar a similar scheme should work with a VM. [I avoid VM's more than you avoid multi-boot ;]

I have a partition whose label is "common".
The relevant fstab entry is:
  LABEL=common  /usr/local/common  ext4  defaults  0  0
I invoke SeaMonkey with:
It looks for profiles.ini in:

The  directory structure is

richard@stretch-2nd:/usr/local/common$ tree -d -L 1 *
from old stretch
├── Desktop
└── Documents
Misc notes
└── WordPress info
├── chrome
├── components
├── defaults
├── dictionaries
├── extensions
├── icons
├── isp
├── profiles
└── searchplugins

12 directories

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