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Re: How stable is the frozen stretch?

On 05/14/2017 06:46 AM, David Wright wrote:
On Sun 14 May 2017 at 04:57:07 (-0500), Richard Owlett wrote:
On 05/14/2017 02:40 AM, Joe wrote:
On Sat, 13 May 2017 20:54:04 -0400
RavenLX <ravenlx@sitesplace.net> wrote:

On 05/13/2017 12:40 PM, Richard Owlett wrote:
I have a partition whose label is "common".

I could almost smack myself in the head. I had done that when I used
to dual-boot Windows / Linux (now you can see why I'm not a fan of
dual-boot, I guess! LOL!). I also used to dual boot SolydX and SolydK

In my VMs, I do use the guest additions and have a shared directory
(necessity for what I need to do as well).

But that was one way I had shared data.

However, I still balk at dual-booting (like you balk at VMs :) )

Another option I've used for some years: a pocket-sized USB hard drive
with an i386 all-modules installation, which boots on practically
anything that isn't an ARM.

Can you clarify what you mean by the phrase "i386 all-modules installation"?

Recall this d-i screen?

I do now ;)
Actually initrd and initramfs and were on my "google today" list.
That may that may explain something I've recently noticed.
As I experiment with many Debian versions and configurations I routinely can multi-boot among a a half dozen (or more) choices.

As I've had some spectacularly failed installs, my practice is to install Grub *ONLY* with the *FIRST* install. That way the default action is to boot a known good system and the questionable one will generally be last on the list (Grub insists on listing /dev/sda10 before /dev/sda2).

What I'm investigating is an apparent anomaly:
  1. My primary machine had Jessie installed first with Squeeze
     and Stretch later. It happily will boot all.
  2. I've set up a designated EXPERIMENTAL machine. Squeeze was
     installed first and thus Grub is associated with it.
     Wheezy and Jessie were installed without Grub.
     Squeeze runs fine and will browse the web.
     However, update-grub does not recognize either Wheezy or Jessie.
     Also, a netinst of Stretch failed at the network setup step -
     haven't done any trouble shooting yet.

Two questions:
  1. Can I retroactively choose "include all available drivers" and
     if so, how?
  2. How much free space would be required? As I was already planning
     on some Grub experiments, I had left 10 MB un-partitioned before
     /dev/sda1. That can easily be expanded.


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