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Re: How stable is the frozen stretch?

RavenLX wrote:
> My system is used for work (I work from home exclusively) and stuff I do 
> sometimes can be mission-critical in that if I'm notified, I might have 
> to go and do some work right away on something important. Customers 
> would be relying on my ability to fix things. So, I really can't afford 
> something to go down on my machine. This is why I have a spare laptop 
> just in case my "main" laptop has a problem. They are both set up 
> identical and data files are backed up very frequently so all I need to 
> do is get the backups onto the spare laptop and be good to go within 
> minutes.
> Stability, in my case, is a must. However, I do like to have newer 
> features as well.

  you can set up several partitions with different
levels of fun if you want.

  i run testing and some packages from unstable or
experimental at times as two different booting systems.
to make sure that i always have a bootable system i 
only update the partitions in steps several months 
apart which means i have at least one of them that 
boots and is pretty well tested for the programs i
use the most often.

  if you wanted to you could have one partition for
booting the stable distribution and only update that
when you have a good time for that.

  the thing with these setups is that in Debian you
don't have to get automatic updates if you don't want
them so you know when the system is being upgraded.


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