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[SOLVED] Re: Getting rights right

Thanks to stop by. :)

>> I have a strange behavior lately on my Deby. After a run of :
>>     chown user:user -R /home/user/Documents
>> and :
>>     chmod 700 -R /home/user/Documents


> Which commands did you run as root, or su/sudo root?
> I have sometimes, especially when moving files between systems where
> the numeric uids are different, found myself doing a recursive chmod
> or chown, and being unable to change permissions on some files because
> of the user I was running as. Then, after the directory permissions
> changed, being able to change them on a second pass.

I ran all commands with sudo.

Actually I remember to encounter the case also but what did the trick
here was to pass the command in symbolic mode not in octal. I don't why
but all things work just fine now.

I don't know if it is the reason but the recalcitrant files were mostly
(maybe all) windows files. Just a hypothesis..

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