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Re: Resizing LVM issue

On 06/05/2014 11:29 AM, Jochen Spieker wrote:

Miroslav Skoric:
On 06/01/2014 11:36 PM, Jochen Spieker wrote:

If you don't have a
backup you can try to resize the LV again to its original size and hope
for the best.

Thanks for suggestions. Yep, I managed to return back to the
original size at first. Then I resized it properly (incl. leaving
few gigs as unused space). e2fsck did spent a while to recheck each
partition but seems that everything is in order now. We'll see in
days to come ...

Nice! It is still possible that some of your data was overwritten but if
the fsck didn't find anything troubling you are probably safe now.

Next todo: implement a useful backup strategy. :)


Just to let you know that after some ten days after 2nd resizing everything is still in order (no complaints from fsck or else). From the lesson learned: The proper order of commands should be carefully performed; In that case, resizing the LVM is a good option until the installation process improves itself in a way it automatically format new partitions to be better balanced. (I mean, if I remember properly, during the initial system installation some years ago ... it was 6.0.1a that I upgraded to 7.5 since ... it offered to setup the LVM partitions automatically. So I accepted its recommendation.) But recently I realized that I needed more space in /tmp and found that I had more than enough free space in /home ... that was the reason for resizing.

(Btw, the app apt-on-CD recently started to ask for more space in /tmp. After resizing, that app seems to be happy :-)


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