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Re: Resizing LVM issue

Miroslav Skoric:
> sys@localhost:~$ sudo lvresize --size -2G /dev/mapper/localhost-home
> sys@localhost:~$ sudo resize2fs /dev/mapper/localhost-home

You did it the wrong way round. You have to shrink from top to bottom:
first the filesystem, then the LV (and then possibly the physical volume
followed by the partition).

It is hard to know whether your system already overwrote data previously
in /home after you cut a part off of it and gave that to /tmp/. If that
had happened to me, I would restore from backup. If you don't have a
backup you can try to resize the LV again to its original size and hope
for the best.

BTW, I found it to be good practice to initially use less than 100% of
available space on my PVs for the LVs. That way I can grow filesystems
that are too small easily when I need that space.

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