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Installation disc creator (Was: Resizing LVM issue)

On 06/15/2014 10:52 PM, Reco wrote:

No, it seems to belong to main archive.

$ apt-cache search apt on cd | grep ^apt
apt - commandline package manager
aptdaemon - transaction based package management service
aptoncd - Installation disc creator for packages downloaded via APT

Yep, aptoncd was the one that asked for more space in /tmp. Not anymore after resizing. I use that app mostly for updating the other machine that does not have broadband access (dial-up is there but too slow for updating). Btw, what app is good for making an image of the system, sort of full backup, and is it possible to use such an image to clone more than one comp later, i.e. to avoid installations from scratch? (I have two Debian machines here and another one with Ubuntu, and maybe would go moving that Ubuntu to Debian but don't like reinstalling all over again...)


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