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Re: please put not all into multiarch!

On 10/23/2012 4:43 PM, John Hasler wrote:
Mark Allums wrote:
Debian devs regard the nvidia closed source drivers anathems.

I wrote:
They don't regard them as "anathema".

They certainly *do* regard them as anathema, as they do all
closed-source and non-free software.

False.  I am a Debian dev.  I do not regard closed-source as anathema.
I do consider it the sole responsibility of whoever controls the source.
I am not going to help you fix it even if I can figure out how without
source (unless you pay me) if I cannot publish the fixed version.  Ask
the guy you bought it from.  He clearly wants to be the only one able to
fix it.

Don't assume when I generalize that I am too stupid to realize that there might be exceptions. However, there are plenty of devs who do feel that way, enough to validly characterize one type of dev that way, a type that is not at all uncommon, and even typical. I would guess the number of such would be at least half based on what I see when I read lists, read IRC, read bug reports. They're everywhere.

I am glad you are more moderate.  How do you stand on device firmware?

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