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Re: please put not all into multiarch!

On Lu, 22 oct 12, 22:11:11, Mark Allums wrote:
> Debian devs regard the nvidia closed source drivers anathems.  They
> disdain them, and pay no heed to bug reports filed against them.
> They also ignore kernel bug reports if the nvidia driver is loaded.
> They refer to that as "tainting" the kernel.  In days past, you
> needed the nv driver, and now you need the nouveau driver.
> nvidia-glx or the nvidia blob are "right out".

You are putting all developers in just one pot, which is not accurate, 
to say the least.

The Maintainers of the nvidia-graphics-drivers source package have the 
responsability to care about it, that is make it Debian Policy 
compliant, having it integrate properly in Debian, etc. What they can 
not do is care about bugs in the software itself, simply because they do 
not have access to the source. Don't forget that the Maintainers are 
doing this in their spare time and could step down whenever they want. 

Not getting an answer to bugs is more likely to be due to the usual 
problems: lack of time, the wheezy freeze, etc.

On the other hand, maintainers of packages that the nvidia driver 
interacts with (the most obvious being Xorg and the Linux kernel, but 
there are others) have enough work as it is. Why should they care about 
bugs that appear *only* in combination with non-free software if the 
equivalent free software has no issues?

Kind regards,
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