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Re: please put not all into multiarch!

On 10/22/2012 8:06 AM, lee wrote:
Claudius Hubig <debian_1210@chubig.net> writes:

Hello lee,

lee <lee@yun.yagibdah.de> wrote:
Claudius Hubig <debian_1210@chubig.net> writes:

the advantage that not one big package has to be updated each time
one of the libraries it contains changes, but only one small(-ish)
library package.

And which packages do I need to have installed to get 32bit support
working again as it was before they broke it?  Just telling users they
must switch to brokenarch, leaving them screwed without 32bit support
and saying "we're not going to fix it because we don't want to update
the packages anymore and will remove them" is *not* an advantage.

The packages your 32-bit application depends on. Simple as that :)

Very funny :((  I didn't remove any packages and it stopped working.  I
have no way of knowing which packages I might need now.  Apparently none
of the 32bit apps that use SDL work anymore since they broke it, and the
reasons for that are unknown.

And because these packages are also 32-bit packages, your application
can easily define which it needs and which it doesn’t need, rather
than having to define a dependency on ia32-libs (and possibly other
ia32-libs-* packages) of which it only needs a few libraries.

I don't have any 32bit software from Debian packages.  Everything I need
from that is available in 64bit.  The 32bit apps I have are not
available in Debian and they worked fine, then the NVIDA drivers were
updated and they don't work anymore since then.  I sent a bug report
weeks ago and it is being ignored.

So again, what packages do I need to install now to get it working as it
did before?  The 32bit apps have not changed and still depend on the
same things, whatever they are.

Which x-server package(s) do you need to have installed to use the
NVIDIA drivers from NVIDIAs website?  Is there some documentation about
how to switch back from the NVIDIA drivers that are in Debian?

Debian devs regard the nvidia closed source drivers anathems. They disdain them, and pay no heed to bug reports filed against them. They also ignore kernel bug reports if the nvidia driver is loaded. They refer to that as "tainting" the kernel. In days past, you needed the nv driver, and now you need the nouveau driver. nvidia-glx or the nvidia blob are "right out".

You want the nouveau driver unless you are running lots of serious 3D stuff.

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