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Re: please put not all into multiarch!

Hello Valery,

Valery Mamonov <valerymamonov@gmail.com> wrote:
> About number of packages, of course - install almost 32bit-operating system
> to run only one program. I think, it's a problem of skype itself, too.

It is the problem of running a 32 bit application on a normally 64
bit operating system. Of course you need all the libraries - this has
merely been hidden by the fact that previously, they were composed
into a few large packages:

0 11:11 0 ares: ~ # apt-cache show ia32-libs | grep Installed-Size
Installed-Size: 80838
0 11:11 0 ares: ~ # apt-cache show ia32-libs-gtk | grep Installed-Size
Installed-Size: 34244

whereas now, you just install the ‘normal’ 32 bit libraries. This has
the advantage that not one big package has to be updated each time
one of the libraries it contains changes, but only one small(-ish)
library package.

Best regards,


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