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Re: gksu: Couldn't set environment variable...

Thank You for Your time and answer, Camaleón:

>I won't make furthers comments on this, it's your position and I'll 
>respect it although I don't share your POV :-)

I appreciate Your this "POV"! :)

>> Camaleón, I think we are going in wrong direction here - I just have
>> tried w/ chromium running w/ gksu by newly created user - You'll be
>> surprised - in the user's home dir. there is no .config dir. at all !
>> All gksu has created are:
>> .dbus  .gconf  .gconfd  .gksu.lock
>> which contents seems to me similar - differing in numbers only - like
>> diver IDs.
>That's okay. 
>It can mean your current user's profile (the one that fails to run the 
>apps) has something on it (a folder or file) that is not of the like
>to the two programs you are trying to launch. Remember that gnome and
>others DE also use the "/tmp" folder to store user's settings, so what
>prevents the applications from running can be indeed in another path,
>not just the user's $HOME.
>Or it can also mean the problem is elsewhere (a bug in the app).
>> Therefore, I suppose that something else has influence on the gksu
>> behavior - as I said before the problem user is long existing user
>> (account) and therefore a lot of diver settings have been stored over
>> time - effecting the gksu. 
>I don't think gksu has nothing to do here. It's a simple application
>that allows you to run GUI programs as another user, no more no less.
>Besides, if the problem were related to gksu the rest of the
>applications will be also affected which is not the case.

OK. Let's finish here w/ my notification to developers about the
problem - let remain to them - to investigate the problem any or forget
about it - ether.

Thanks again, very much, for Your time and efforts - trying to help me.
I much appreciate it.

Have a good time of the day!

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