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Re: gksu: Couldn't set environment variable...

Thank You for Your time and answer, Camaleón.

Just several notes from me (as considerations).

>>>> Why? I can do that successfully even under normal, new user.
>>>Why not? We are just making tests to get more clues.
>> Because if a less privileged user can do it than it is OK to suppose
>> the root user will do the same.
>In this case is not a matter of privileges. It's a matter of 
>configuration files that could have been messed up or set with the
>wrong perms. 

I do not think it is the case - for as I have told You, that I have
removed the dir.s of interest and therefore, since it was created again
(at the test as You suggested - to reboot), it should not be:

1. messed up

2. have wrong permissions.

>As root user is usually never called to run GUI based applications, 
>root's configuration files use to be "clean" as if they have been 
>installed from scratch. How I could say it? Root user is, in this
>regard, like a virgin user :-)

I have two points to resist the assumption:

1. The "normal" user was a new one - that is the home dir. was empty,
where as

2. The root's environment can be already being messed up (for example,
because such "tests" already have been done) - therefore can't be
supposed absolutely being a "virgin".

>> Interesting another thing:
>> 1. under another (new user) it works.
>Yes, and you can use this fact to compare the permissions for the 
>configuration files for the user where it works and the other where 

I have checked every dir./file in (.dbus, .gconf, .gconfd, .gksu.lock)
- all have identical permissions except for user names.

>> 2. For the given user it works but not for these two app.s...
>Look deeper inside at the "~/.config" folder and check out the 
>permissions that hold the files of that two specific applications.

The dir. is not created when the newuser executes gksu for target user.

Look, as the newuser can run the 2 app.s for target user, is it
possible such a trick:

/usr/bin/gksu -u newuser /usr/bin/gksu -u
target_user /usr/bin/qbittorrent

? :)

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