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Re: cron.daily error for apt

On Mon, 5 Dec 2011, John Hasler wrote:

From debian-policy:
   hi John,
   Thank you for this very useful reply. I think that it is a good
   practice, when giving an information, to give also the way to get it,
   (it is sometimes enough to give the link to the doc, when available)
   I installed the debian-policy package, and found a very clear definition
   of conffiles, at:


      10.7.1 Definitions

      configuration file

          A file that affects the operation of a program, or provides site- or
          host-specific information, or otherwise customizes the behavior of a
          program. Typically, configuration files are intended to be modified
          by the system administrator (if needed or desired) to conform to
          local policy or to provide more useful site-specific behavior.


          A file listed in a package's conffiles file, and is treated specially
          by dpkg (see Details of configuration, Section 6.7).

      The distinction between these two is important; they are not
      interchangeable concepts. Almost all conffiles are configuration files,
      but many configuration files are not conffiles.

      As noted elsewhere, /etc/init.d scripts, /etc/default files, scripts
      installed in /etc/cron.{hourly,daily,weekly,monthly}, and cron
      configuration installed in /etc/cron.d must be treated as configuration
      files. In general, any script that embeds configuration information is
      de-facto a configuration file and should be treated as such.

   I just think that the name "conffiles" for the file containing the
   list of conffiles is a little confusing. I would have preferred
   conffiles.list (like sources.list)

Pierre Frenkiel

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