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Re: gksu: Couldn't set environment variable...

On Fri, 02 Dec 2011 17:46:36 +0700, Sthu Deus wrote:

> Thank You for Your time and answer, Camaleón:
>>So why don't you just run...
>>gksu -d chromium
>>gksu -d qbittorrent
>>And tell us what happens? :-)
> $ /usr/bin/gksu -d -u usrname /usr/bin/chromium 

That's not what I've asked for...

> $ /usr/bin/gksu -d -u usrname /usr/bin/qbittorrent 

Neither this :-)

> As I have posted earlier. :o)

Nope. I wanted you to run those applications *as root*.

>>Okay, run "ls -la .config/*/" so we can see what's in there...
> Hmm, alright:

There is no trace in there for Chromium nor Qbittorrent, maybe they are 
located in another folder under your user's path.

>>Then find where are those applications storing the configuration data,
>>it has to be somewhere under the user's profile.
> That's the problem - it does not create any other dir.(s)...

Hum... let's Google for the error. Look, some hits:


Check if any of those can help you with the Chromium error :-?


>>It should be just fine with "gksu -l newuser qbittorrent"
> This calls for root privileges - I would not run those this way.

Uh? Whay are you so reluctant to make this test? Don't worry, you won't 
be cracked by running the above command X-)

>>("man gksu" for additional parameters to keep/discard the current user
>>environmental variables)
> It has not much to choose from. Seems nothing valuable.


You can test with different arguments to run the GUI application with one 
or other environment variables set, this can make indeed a difference.

> Well. Please, do not waste too much of Your time on me - I gave my
> question because I thought people use gksu a lot and easily would guess
> what's wrong w/ my configuration, but turns out we are looking for
> solution instead of correction of wrong configuration - so we can end up
> here and will try to make a work around myself - for so it seems me to
> be as the answer.


Nah... You gave it up very quickly >:-P


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