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Re: gksu: Couldn't set environment variable...

On Wed, 07 Dec 2011 14:11:27 +0700, Sthu Deus wrote:

> Thank You for Your time and answer, Camaleón:
>>> But again, Camaleón, I would not to run those app.s w/ root
>>> privileges. May, You have any other idea? If not, then lets stop w/
>>> this - for I suppose it to be risky. I know, You have another opinion
>>> on the matter. But let's have no controversy here on that.
>>There is no risk in running the commands I told you but I can't force
>>you to do something you are afraid of (and I still dunno why because
>>there is no technical nor logical reason for being so reluctant to do it
>>but I can't do anymore to convince you).
> Thank You, again. The reason is my belief - it is risky - may because
> I'm not as good expert as You do.

I won't make furthers comments on this, it's your position and I'll 
respect it although I don't share your POV :-)

>>Did you already compare, side by side, your current user's .config
>>folder and the other's user (from where the apps work)?
> Camaleón, I think we are going in wrong direction here - I just have
> tried w/ chromium running w/ gksu by newly created user - You'll be
> surprised - in the user's home dir. there is no .config dir. at all !
> All gksu has created are:
> .dbus  .gconf  .gconfd  .gksu.lock
> which contents seems to me similar - differing in numbers only - like
> diver IDs.

That's okay. 

It can mean your current user's profile (the one that fails to run the 
apps) has something on it (a folder or file) that is not of the like to 
the two programs you are trying to launch. Remember that gnome and others 
DE also use the "/tmp" folder to store user's settings, so what prevents 
the applications from running can be indeed in another path, not just the 
user's $HOME.

Or it can also mean the problem is elsewhere (a bug in the app).

> Therefore, I suppose that something else has influence on the gksu
> behavior - as I said before the problem user is long existing user
> (account) and therefore a lot of diver settings have been stored over
> time - effecting the gksu. 


I don't think gksu has nothing to do here. It's a simple application that 
allows you to run GUI programs as another user, no more no less. Besides, 
if the problem were related to gksu the rest of the applications will be 
also affected which is not the case.



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