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Re: gksu: Couldn't set environment variable...

Thank You for Your time and answer, Camaleón:

>> But again, Camaleón, I would not to run those app.s w/ root
>> privileges. May, You have any other idea? If not, then lets stop w/
>> this - for I suppose it to be risky. I know, You have another
>> opinion on the matter. But let's have no controversy here on that.
>There is no risk in running the commands I told you but I can't force
>you to do something you are afraid of (and I still dunno why because
>there is no technical nor logical reason for being so reluctant to do
>it but I can't do anymore to convince you).

Thank You, again. The reason is my belief - it is risky - may because
I'm not as good expert as You do.

>Did you already compare, side by side, your current user's .config
>folder and the other's user (from where the apps work)?

Camaleón, I think we are going in wrong direction here - I just have
tried w/ chromium running w/ gksu by newly created user - You'll be
surprised - in the user's home dir. there is no .config dir. at all !
All gksu has created are:

.dbus  .gconf  .gconfd  .gksu.lock

which contents seems to me similar - differing in numbers only - like
diver IDs.

Therefore, I suppose that something else has influence on the gksu
behavior - as I said before the problem user is long existing user
(account) and therefore a lot of diver settings have been stored over
time - effecting the gksu. - My opinion. But filling its home dir.
anew, loosing all the settings, I suppose unwise - rather I would
neglect using gksu for the user for those 2 problematic app.s unless we
will find here some solution (besides running as root :) .

>I would like to see a good reason for it but I'm not going to insist.

Probably, simply paranoia.

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