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Re: disable beep for wall command

afuentes wrote:
> afaik, only the wall beeps (and everytime i reboot the machine
> because it calls this wall
> ...
> if it helps, when i connect headphones, it sounds via the headphones
> (so i assume is not the pc spkr, even when the kernel module was
> blacklisted :))

If it is coming through the headphones then it won't be pcspkr or
snd_pcsp modules since those operate the system board speaker.

How are you shutting down the system?  There are many paths to that
operation.  You could use the root superuser command line.  You could
be using ctrl-alt-del on the text console.  You could be using the
menu selection from xdm/gdm/kdm.  You could be using the menu
selection from one of the desktop session managers.  All are going to
eventually reboot the machine but prior to doing that they may be
calling 'wall' or may be sending the beep themselves.

Try shutting down the system using a different method from whatever
you have been using.  For example if you have been using a desktop
menu then try using the root command line shell.  Instead of using
'shutdown' try using 'reboot -f' instead.

  # reboot -f

The -f option will prevent reboot from calling shutdown which should
prevent it from running all fo the shutdown processes such as wall,
changing init levels and running the /etc/rc6.d/K* scripts.  This is
often a reboot that works when shutdown hangs on an nfs client
problem.  Using reboot -f isn't as tidy since it doesn't call the kill
scripts.  But everything should still be okay regardless.

If reboot -f works okay for you then you could customize the inittab
to call it instead of shutdown on ctrl-alt-del and still easily use it
to reboot a system from the text console.


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