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Re: How to get Bell Canada 3G USB network up?

> Let's see if we can get it working with it's (the modem's) current
> settings first - acting on the presumption (assumption?) that it would
> work as it stands, should you plug it in to a Windoof box.

(I meant modifying the source in places where it is sending AT
commands that are not persistently changing the modem.

But I don't know enough about the command set so I guess it's a better
idea to first recheck on Windows to be really sure it works reliably
there (if it doesn't, I will just try to return it to Bell on
warranty). This will take me a couple days though.

But your suggestion to use pon/off is even better (I didn't get it to
work a year ago, but I didn't know a couple things then).

> Do you use a PIN for you modem??


> I was going off the Canonical string in the nm.log. Given that they
> (sic) don't maintain the Debian package.
> The Debian package is maintained by Didier Raboud, who if memory serves
> me correctly is also the upstream developer.

The message is "Loaded plugin ifupdown: (C) 2008 Canonical Ltd.", and
"Loaded plugin keyfile: (c) 2007 - 2008 Red Hat, Inc."; that only
means they developed the upstream code (and only of these plugins) and
does not imply that they created the packages.

(There are no mentions of Didier Raboud in the source code of the
network-manager and modemmanager packages, although there are almost
no mentions of individual developers anyway, it's all Novell, Red Hat,
Canonical, Free Software Foundation, and a couple other companies like
Ericsson, Samsung. Michael Biebl is current maintainer of both
packages in Debian.)

> So my other question is:-
> Was that log from trying to connect with Ubuntu -
> or do you perhaps have
> Ubuntu packages installed into Debian??

No, and no.

> Usb-modeswitch does the hard work (though sometimes "eject" will achieve
> the same result) of exposing the modem - it's easy to test that it has
> happened (1410:7030).
> That leaves the (relatively) easy part of using the modem.
> We'll eliminate network manager from the possible problem causes by just
> using pon and poff to test.


> I'll give you instructions on how to set that up and test it - if you
> could just let me know whether you have a PIN setup for it.

Nope; it just needs the number (#99* or something) and some domain,
which is inet.bell.ca.


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