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Re: How to get Bell Canada 3G USB network up?

2011/6/11 Scott Ferguson <prettyfly.productions@gmail.com>:
> On 12/06/11 04:19, Christian Jaeger wrote:
> <snipped>
>> * after the mode switch runs, the modem LED is blinking in blue

Well, as I said, as long as it's blinking, it isn't connected, at
least as far as the computer is concerned. Of course the modem itself
might already connect to the base stations and the color might already
mean something at that point.

>> orange,
> Yellow OR flashing Red (sorry Orange is not an option!)

I don't think I've ever seen it red (and never flashing, when it was

I wouldn't vow having seen orange, especially since the light mixing
in the LED isn't perfect (so depending on angle the yellow is looking
somewhat orange anyway) and color changes sometimes happen quickly. I
thought it was at least 4 colors aside blue, but so maybe it's just
yellow, purple/violet and green.

>> yellow
> HSDPA (again)

Well the funny thing is that nm always shows UMTS during the first
seconds then usually HSPA (/HSUPA/HSDPA) afterwards, but the color
change from the modem happens independently: it usually changes from
blue to yellow as soon as there is somewhat intense traffic (of
course, changing to HS*PA from UMTS makes sense for that), which can
be like 5 seconds after connecting already, and still nm only shows
the change to HSPA 15 seconds afterwards.

>> or purple
> well it's *supposed* to be Violet, and it flashes

Nah, it doesn't flash when in purple/violet color. Usually that color
is only somewhat shortlived, though, like a couple seconds between
yellow and blue(?) phases, but IIRC I've seen it stay for longer
periods at purple, too, and it never flashed.

> Wikipedia will give you a nice explanation of the various protocols.

(Yep, I've read about them in the past.)

How do you know about the color codes?

> I'd suggest you give the device no choice eg.force it to only connect
> UMTS using the AT commands.

Good point; nm only allows to downgrade to "2G(GPRS/EDGE)" from the
GUI (iirc I tried that and it didn't work, I guess my data-only
contract is 3G only), so I guess I'll have to use another tool like
minicom to inject the AT commands from a script called by a udev hook.

> <snipped to save electrons, and Ralf's sanity>


Hm, so, which AT commands?

I've not been successful searching for 'novatel "at commands"' and similar.

> Is that a Novatel U950??
> The vendor code should be 0x1410 - what are the product codes please?

Novatel MC998D/U998,
before usb mode switching: 1410:5010,
afterwards: 1410:7030

> If so I suspect it's actually a rebadged Ovation MC950D using the
> Qualcomm MSM7200 chipset.
> If so the following will probably work for you
> (should it break you may keep both pieces)
> ATEI (get OK response)

tie:~# screen /dev/ttyUSB1
Manufacturer: Novatel Wireless Incorporated
Model: Ovation MC998D
Revision:  [2010-05-12 16:23:18]
IMEI: 012067000784103


Same with screen /dev/ttyUSB3 (whereas screen /dev/ttyUSB{0,2,4}
wouldn't output anything for "AT").


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