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Re: How to get Bell Canada 3G USB network up?

2011/6/12 Scott Ferguson <prettyfly.productions@gmail.com>:
> What colour is the blinking light?

I think it just blinks in the color in which it was lit before the
'crash'; I've run another test now and it was yellow then blinked in

(BTW I've tried 'screen /dev/ttyUSB1' and sending ATZ and ATH0, and
while these give me OK, it doesn't change anything to the blinking or

>> +CSQ: 12,99
> That is your signal quality. And no - I can't translate it for you.

(nm shows signal strength at around "33%" today, whatever *that*
means. Anyway this is strong enough to give me a stable, fast
connection without any dropouts once the stick passes the magical
20-30 second crash point.)

> [reads nm.log - sees word "Canonical" - goes into catatonic state]

I don't have any problems with them.. (back in 2004 I thought it's a
pity that they forked the project, but now I think it was probably
better that way?)

>> (There you could also find the firmware upgrader that I recently used
>> on my modem to no avail.)
> ********************************************************************
> Have you successfully managed to use the same modem since failing to
> upgrade?

When I said "to no avail" I meant that, although the upgrade ran
successfully through (from a machine running Windows XP), it didn't
change a bit of the behaviour of the modem. (And on the same Windows
installation the modem didn't exhibit the crash neither before nor
after the upgrade.)

> If you could bear with me I'll do a bit more reading of those logs and

Also note 'log.Readme' (which I put up a couple minutes after I sent
the last mail); interestingly the stick goes 'off' ('crashes')
exactly(?) at the point in time when nm talks to it. (Would it be nm
'actively' crashing it?)


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