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Re: What happened to debian - does "stable" keep having any meaning?

> Rebooting from debian after a grub-install/update-grub, situation is shown by 
> picture grub01.png

This doesn't look *that* bad. It hangs right before showing the menu or
at least its command line. I googled for "welcome to grub!" and found
a hint that this *might* actually be a graphics problem. See this bug


It looks like the fix didn't make into stable, but you can try setting

> Jochen Schulz wrote:
>> Can you still make the system bootable again just by removing the extra
>> SATA controller? 
> No. after removing controller, grub shows less than with controller (picture 
> grub02.png).

This is weird. To me, that suggests that grub tries to load one of the
stages from one of the disks on that controller. But I might be wrong.

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