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Re: What happened to debian - does "stable" keep having any meaning?


I did the tests, you asked me for.
This time I'll attach some pictures, as pictures say more than thousand words 

Rebooting from debian after a grub-install/update-grub, situation is shown by 
picture grub01.png
This time I waited more than 10 minutes, so it might be stated, that grub 
isn't busy, but crashed.

Jochen Schulz wrote:
> Can you still make the system bootable again just by removing the extra
> SATA controller? 

No. after removing controller, grub shows less than with controller (picture 

> Does it suffice to remove the disks from that controller? 

There's no difference, removing just the cables from the controller or removing 
the controller completely (grub02.png).

Remember: there's no system drive attached to the external controller and in 
between I wiped out every MBR except the one from the drive, that should be 
booted from.

> Is there anything else you can do with the hardware or the BIOS to make it
> bootable again?

I don't know what.

BIOS boot order is checked, order of bootable harddisks from BIOS is checked 
too, the drive, that should be booted from is attached to the first Mainboard 
SATA-port ...

So I have no idea, what to change from HW.

> >> Ok, that's great! I would say that makes you eligible to file a bug
> >> report against d-i. :) Can you diff the grub.cfg against the one
> >> generated by 6.0?
> > 
> > How should I do that?
> It should be possible to use CD/DVD1 of the 6.0.0 installer and prevent
> upgrades from being installed. The easiest way is probably to unplug the
> network cable during installation.

Seems like 6.0.0 disk images have been removed from mirrors too.
As I normally use netinst-CDs only, I can't do that tests. Sorry.

kind regards


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