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Re: Icedove on Lenny

On Friday 25 March 2011 10:52:00 Estelmann, Christian wrote:
> Why aren't you using the Google SMTP-Server (smtp.gmail.com)? Send mails
> with his Googlemail-address through this server.
> Normally mail servers are not configured, to accept every address as
> sender, only your address (<name>@isp.com) - because of spam. The server
> of the old provider might have accepted it, the server of the new ones
> apparently not.
> Am 25.03.2011 11:33, schrieb Lisi:
> > I have recently migrated someone to a new ISP.  For this ISP his username
> > is his email address with that ISP: <name>@ISP.com.  I have edited the
> > SMTP settings so that he uses their SMTP server.
> >
> > And now he cannot send "from" his preferred, Googlemail email address. 
> > It has been changed so that his email address at the top of his sent
> > emails is: <name>@ISP.com.  I have done nothing to bring about this
> > change, other than change the smtp server details from his old ISP's SMTP
> > server to his new. How do I reverse it?  He still wants people to use his
> > gmail address, even thogh he has another SMTP server.

Thanks, Christian.

I have done that, but it has made no difference.
It still doesn't alter the fact that, regardless of what the ISP does or 
doesn't allow, I cannot find anywhere in Icedove to change the "from" email 
address in outgoing mail.

My husband is currently running the same version of Icedove at the same ISP as 
the OldISP.  He also has a googlemail account, but is not setup to use it as 
a send-from address.  Since the problem PC _was_ sending quite happily using 
a Gmail address, it must have accepted the setting.  But I can't find 
anywhere to change it on either computer.

It also follows that I *did* know how to do it. :-(


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