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Re: What happened to debian - does "stable" keep having any meaning?

> Jochen Schulz wrote:
>> AFAICS, we can rule out the kernel as the cuplrit completely, as grub
>> doesn't even get that far.
> VETO - after reboot, you might be right, but what happens during update-grub?

update-grub only creates the configuration file, it doesn't write the
MBR or anything like that.

> As every of my drives had an installed grub in mbr,

Ok, I forgot that. (BTW, I find this setup really strange, but if it
worked in the past with grub2 it should of course continue to work.)

>> unless you start from scratch and document every step you do in detail.
> What's unclear from (my post from 06:59:49 today):
>> 1.) A fresh installation from debian 6.0 netinst CD results in an unbootable 
>> system, even using a single partition installation target.

Ok, that's great! I would say that makes you eligible to file a bug
report against d-i. :) Can you diff the grub.cfg against the one
generated by 6.0? How many disks did you have attached to the system?
Can you still make the system bootable again just by removing the extra
SATA controller? Does it suffice to remove the disks from that
controller? Is there anything else you can do with the hardware or the
BIOS to make it bootable again?

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