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Re: What happened to debian - does "stable" keep having any meaning?


Jochen Schulz wrote:
> AFAICS, we can rule out the kernel as the cuplrit completely, as grub
> doesn't even get that far.

VETO - after reboot, you might be right, but what happens during update-grub?

I'm quite sure, that update-grub broke my system, but I don't have any idea, 
who takes part on that job.
> I'd say Grub2 and/or your mainboard (unlikely) has a problem that is in
> no way related to your upgrade to 6.0.1 (but to stable in general). 

VETO again!

Before update 6.0.1 I could install a new system and during last 6 weeks there 
have been several updates that triggered an update-grub, which did not break 
my system that heavyly, that I wasn't able to handle.

> What I meant was to physically attach disks to different ports.

Yes, I tried that, but it is no acceptable solution to me, as the controller 
is not as fast as the internal ones and it makes no sense to attach the drives 
with expected heavy load to a slow controller.
> > When the wrong disk is first, system start is not possible.
> Meaning "the BIOS doesn't find a boot loader"?

As every of my drives had an installed grub in mbr, it did not happen. Same 
effect than today, where system hangs after grubs welcome message.
I'll try that again with my cleaned drives.
> Sorry for stressing that again, but "reporting" problems here will not
> get the bug fixed. Ever.

LOL - hey, I'm not that thin-skinned :)

You don't stress me - my crude post came from my infinite disappointment, not 
why I was stressed.

I think, before a bug can be fixed, it has to be identified - and who ever can 
help on that task is welcome.

When the bug is identified, I'm willing to file a bug report or what ever you 
want me to do.
Although I don't believe in that, I accept the possibility, that I made a 
mistake ...
> I am sorry that I only ask question that apparently lead you nowhere. I
> am just stabbing in the dark and I am afraid we will never get to the
> source of the problem ...

Never mind - I know that buisness :)

> unless you start from scratch and document every step you do in detail.

What's unclear from (my post from 06:59:49 today):

> 1.) A fresh installation from debian 6.0 netinst CD results in an unbootable 
> system, even using a single partition installation target.

I did that fresh installation yesterday or the day before yesterday - so it 
leaded to a debian 6.0.1 - as the netinst CD is just an installer which 
updates to the current system.

kind regards


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