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Re: Torrents killing my conection

> On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 11:12 AM, Tim Clewlow <tim@clewlow.org>
> wrote:
>> I would still like to know the answer to one simple question.
>> Does restarting the modem/router bring the network back up?
>> If the answer is yes, then the problem is on the modem/router.
> How can this be true when the same machine, same hardware, different
> OS's
> downloads the torrent fine?  The modem/router/ISP is common to all
> situations here.  If the modem/router needs to be brought back up
> wouldn't
> it be because something in Debian or the non-working Ubuntu isn't
> handling
> the torrents properly?

If the modem restart fixes things, then it must be a problem on the
modem because nothing else has changed. In other words, the
computers are all working fine, just waiting for the modem to start
behaving normally again.

As to why this happens at all. Not all operating systems are equal.
Some systems can send bucket loads of new connections down the line
very quickly, some (read windoze) have slow IO subsystems and so do
not send multiple connection requests anywhere near as rapidly. I
have seen modems (and had to throw them out) that worked fine on
torrents from windows clients, but crashed very quickly when I ran
nix/bsd torrent based clients.


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