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Re: Torrents killing my conection

> Torrents are trouble.  Avoid them, if practical.  Your ISP may be 
> throttling them, although I can't see what difference the version of 
> Ubuntu would make.
> However, if a Windows client works, then ask yourself if you need Linux 
> for other things, or whether Windows will suit your needs.  (I have two 
> machines at home, one with Win, one with Debian Squeeze (testing).  The 
> Win machine is set up for those rare times when Debian isn't right for 
> the job.)

Huh! It is much easier when one makes proper visualisation
of the protocols involved into the task. Peer2peer is not the
devil, but the way to do things. I cannot imagine downloading
debian dvd in one act. What if the line drops?
Seriously, original poster failed to show details. Lenny is
rock stable and there is no way to freeze it other than clogging
i/o. For downloading torrents, isp makes bandwidth rules. Also
for uploading. On some spots on mother earth it is not ligit
to run server aside ones paid to the same isp. Since the port on
which torrent app communicates lives in high range, I doubt
it is the problem. My conclusion would be: some time has to
be spent to learn ins and outs of debian first. Next, to learn
how torrent works, including reading rfc or whatever similar.
Last, choose the application people use and help on forums or
irc channel.
Best reagards


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