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Re: Torrents killing my conection

On 6/19/2010 9:51 AM, Zoran Kolic wrote:

Torrents are trouble.  Avoid them, if practical.  Your ISP may be
throttling them, although I can't see what difference the version of
Ubuntu would make.

Huh! It is much easier when one makes proper visualisation
of the protocols involved into the task. Peer2peer is not the
devil, but the way to do things. I cannot imagine downloading
debian dvd in one act. What if the line drops?

I agree, in an ideal universe, torrents are a great innovation, and should be the standard method. Alas, in many places, by many ISPs, torrents are punished, throttled to the point of uselessness and worse.

I always download my Debian DVDs by http: protocol transfer. (I have no alternative.) If the connection is dropped, it can easily be resumed, because I use a download manager and I download from a mirror that supports resuming.

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