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Re: Alternatives to Dreamweaver

On Mon, 19 Mar 2007 14:11:32 -0400
Mitch Wiedemann <mitch@mwmu.com> wrote:


> > Again, how would you build a large website of similar pages?
> This depends on the Web host.  Some hosts offer scripting languages like
> Perl, PHP, etc.
> In my case, I was able to make my switch from Dreamweaver easier by
> using PHP includes at the top and bottom of my page content.  These
> includes contained the HTML that was common to all of the pages on my
> site.  The benefit of this was that there was very little duplication of
> HTML code, and that's always a good thing.
> Also, the Web content editors would work only with the main content of
> the page, not any of the header or footer stuff.

I don't have that much experience with web design, but I've been using
gtml, an HTML preprocessor. You run your pages through gtml after
building them in your favorite editor, and gtml follows c-preprocessor
style directives within the page to do things like including other files
into the code. I wonder, is this a standard technique? It seems to have
some advantages over PHP includes, in that one doesn't require any
special functionality on the server, and that no additional processing
is required at serving time. But as I said, I'm something of a novice
at this. I wouldn't mind being set straight ...


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