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Re: Alternatives to Dreamweaver

Jorge Peixoto de Morais Neto wrote:
>     Two approches:
>       1. For creating a single web page: Try AbiWord, with the Save As
>     XHTML
>     feature. It tends to work well, render decently. It's fine for a quick
>     page. However,
>       2. For creating an intricate web site, or a series of web pages,
>     Learn
>     XHTML, CSS, and perhaps javascript. Code it from scratch in nano,
>     Kate,
>     Gedit, whatever, because there is no WYSIWYG editor currently in
>     existence that does everything to quality. I.E. things do not render
>     currectly cross-platform or cross-browser, pieces of code do not
>     validate, or perhaps the sources are simply unorganized.
>       3. If you simply *must* ignore 2, try NVU (which is based on the
>     original Mozilla Composer). You don't have my blessing.
> My friend says that DW has a "template" feature that automatizes
> building a website. How would you do that without DW?
> I don't know DW, I don't know web designing, but I suspect that this
> is what CSS is for, isn't it?
> Again, how would you build a large website of similar pages?

This depends on the Web host.  Some hosts offer scripting languages like
Perl, PHP, etc.

In my case, I was able to make my switch from Dreamweaver easier by
using PHP includes at the top and bottom of my page content.  These
includes contained the HTML that was common to all of the pages on my
site.  The benefit of this was that there was very little duplication of
HTML code, and that's always a good thing.

Also, the Web content editors would work only with the main content of
the page, not any of the header or footer stuff.

I wrote an article about my Dreamweaver -> Free Software Web Development

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