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Re: Wine

Or if you run Sarge or Testing, grab the unstable deb-src and
compile away...
I friend of mine wants to run Dreamweaver, and I suggested wine. However he had some problems (which I don't remember, and my friend is not here right now). He runs Debian Unstable.

So you guys are saying that the .debs in winehq are not really suited to Debian? I didn't know that.

So I wan't to compile from source.
In this case, what is the best way? to download the tarball from winehq or to download the deb-src?
Maybe the deb-src is taylored to Ubuntu like the deb is. But maybe not because it is only source anyway. I don't know.

Can someone enlighten me?


>> So, to sum it up, the reason that some upstream developers provide
>> Ubuntu but not Debian packages is because they either don't know about
>> tools like pbuilder or are just lazy.
> I fully agree.  Now we just need to convince Mr. Richie of that.  His
> e-mail address is:  mailto:scott@open-vote.org
> I don't think we'll get very far, and I am not the one to do it, since I
> am not experienced enough with properly building Debian packages that I
> can engage in a technical discussion about it.
> I misquoted the first time, it doesn't say the package has changed, it
> said Debian changed.
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