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Re: Alternatives to Dreamweaver (was: Re: Wine)

On Mon, 19 Mar 2007 13:58:47 -0400
Matthew K Poer <matthewpoer@gmail.com> wrote:


>   2. For creating an intricate web site, or a series of web pages, Learn
> XHTML, CSS, and perhaps javascript. Code it from scratch in nano, Kate,
> Gedit, whatever, because there is no WYSIWYG editor currently in
> existence that does everything to quality. I.E. things do not render
> currectly cross-platform or cross-browser, pieces of code do not
> validate, or perhaps the sources are simply unorganized.

Look at Bluefish. It's a text editor, but one designed specifically for
building web pages. It has all kinds of features that are useful for
HTML (and friends) coding.


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