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Re: Recent spam increase

On 2006-10-26 12:56:07 +0100, David Hart wrote:
> I'll be the first to admit that mutt is not ideal for reading pop
> accounts but I've found it very useful for things like testing when
> setting up pop/imap servers.

AFAIK, POP is not a protocol to read mail (in the sense, as a real
mailbox, with search and editing possibilities), but just to fetch

> For the small amount of mail I receive currently via pop I use
> fetchmail dumped into the local mailspool.

But what if you use several machines, so that your local mailspool
can't be read from another machine (assume that a local IMAP server
won't solve the problem either, due to restrictions)? In this case,
fetching the mail and storing it to a remote IMAP mailbox (with the
IMAP protocol) may be the only solution...

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