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Re: Debian on Dell Dimension E510

> >On (26/10/06 09:50), Narendhran Vijayakumar wrote:
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> I am trying to install Debian 3.1 on a Dell Dimension E510. I am facing
> >two
> >> problems
> >>
> >> 1.) It is not detecting the ethernet card
> >>
> >> 2.) It is not detecting the SATA hard-drive
> >>
> >> Can anyone tell me, how to over come this problem

I believe the problem is that 3.1 came out just as SATA was coming out.
Your SATA controller and ethernet card probably aren't supported in

This is why there's Etch :)

Etch will be 4.0 when it is released as stable.  Right now, it is in
testing with active bug squshing going on every day.  I would suggest
you download the daily image netinst.iso and either make a CD or also
get the hd-media and make a bootable USB flash drive/stick/pen (whatever
you call it).

Etch will be released for many different archetectures that may work on
your computer.  I'm not familiar with the Dell line.  Look at the ports
page on debian.org for clues and perhaps ask here.  The basic choice is
i386 for 32-bit or one of the 64-bit archs.

I'm installing on a new home-built with amd64.  My biggest challenge is
a slow and unreliable link to the internet but I have at least started
an install (using the businesscard iso, now downloading the netinst.iso)
and know that it found the SATA drives and both onboard GB ethernets.  

The Etch installer is very good and allows such things as to configure
raid and LVM right from the get-go.

As always, read the installation manual first; the one for Etch/testing.

Go to www.debian.org and go to releases, go to testing, read, then go to
the manual, then get the images you need.

Good luck.


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