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Re: Recent spam increase

What I can't seem to stop is the huge influx of these "penny stock"
spams. They're getting smarter than bayes filtering and keyword
'snatches' have become almost impossible. 

Since on the topic, if someone is winning the battle to keep them out of
their inbox, sharing of spam-a rules would be much appreciated :) I'm
getting 15 - 20 of them a day.

I don't want to use a dnsbl if at all avoidable, and iptables can only
hold but so many rules. Getting really frustrated with these.

Speaking of which, contacting the FTC regarding penalizing spamvertised
stocks is futile .. does anyone know of any law requiring the FTC to
act? Seems to me the stock should get yanked and the company
investigated and find for such things, but good luck getting an answer
out of Uncle Sam.


On Thu, 2006-10-26 at 00:08 -0500, T.J. Duchene wrote:
> Steve Lamb wrote:
> .
> > 
> >     Not true, mutt excels at mixing mail to the point where it is utterly
> > incapable of doing so without forcing the user to go to extraordinary lengths
> > to keep their mail untangled.  Hence my pointing out that modern mail clients
> > can keep mail separate and cited mutt as an example of one that manifestly cannot.
> > 
> Not to sound off too much here when I haven't been part of the
> conversation, but MUA's aren't really designed to stop spam or perform
> message sorting.
> I can say that with some confidence since I spend a reasonable
> percentage of my time programming mail servers for ISPs.
> Granted, several of the new MUAs aka "mail clients" or more precisely
> "mail user agents" have some very primitive filtering capabilities, but
> ladies and gentlemen, the most practical mail filtering or sorting is
> almost always done server side before your MUA even gets the mail.
> Many ISPs only perform cursory mail scans for spam or sorting - because
> if they get too elaborate, users make phone calls asking where mail went.
> My humble advice to those who care...learn to use SpamAssassin (or some
> other milter), procmail, ClamAV or even MailScanner (for the opensource
> server admin crowd).
> Don't expect Outlook, Thunderbird, Mutt, Pine, or even Evolution to do
> anything more than simple blob sorts or spam checking.
> They really aren't designed for it, although I will admit Thunderbird's
> (or IceDove's) filter can be made reasonable for "low techies" if your
> ISP uses SpamAssassin headers.
> Well, I've said my two cents..
> Have a good day,
> T.J.

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