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Re: Recent spam increase

Tim Post wrote:

A: Because it reverses the normal order of conversation.
Q: Why is top-posting considered undesirable by many?

What I can't seem to stop is the huge influx of these "penny stock"
spams. They're getting smarter than bayes filtering and keyword
'snatches' have become almost impossible.

Yes, I get several a day myself. The actual "text" of the message is
often actually an image, while the body of the message is randomly
selected sentences or words from a collection which would make a
Bayesian filter delete most of my e-mail.

Since on the topic, if someone is winning the battle to keep them out of
their inbox, sharing of spam-a rules would be much appreciated :) I'm
getting 15 - 20 of them a day.

I delete them by hand, to prevent messing up my other filter which
is working reasonably well to filter out the "you have won a lottery".
It appears that I win ten or twenty lotteries in the Netherlands or
the UK every week, even though I don't enter.

I don't want to use a dnsbl if at all avoidable, and iptables can only
hold but so many rules. Getting really frustrated with these.

I find that many different IPs appear, anyway, and that they come and

Speaking of which, contacting the FTC regarding penalizing spamvertised
stocks is futile .. does anyone know of any law requiring the FTC to
act? Seems to me the stock should get yanked and the company
investigated and find for such things, but good luck getting an answer
out of Uncle Sam.

I don't know why the FTC would be interested. The FBI *is* interested,
however. But most of that stuff does not originate in the USA.

Worse for me is that my e-mail address is being spoofed, so I get
tens of bounces and virus notifications per day, sometimes hundreds.
There are machines in Russia, Greece, Belize, Italy, Germany, Korea,
and the UK at least which are spoofing my e-mail address. And the
stupid robots on the other end are not smart enough to read the
headers, so bounces and notifications come back to me.

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