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Re: Newsreader: Best of the bunch?

On Wed, 2005-10-19 at 18:33 -0400, Paul Smith wrote:
> %% John Hasler <jhasler@debian.org> writes:
>   jh> Steve Lamb wrote:
> Anyway, screen is not the same thing _at all_.  Editing a single file
> can be done with any editor, true, but a true multi-buffer editor can do
> so much more: you can see many buffers at the same time, you can cut
> and paste between them, you can insert one into the other, you can
> compare them, you can ...
> Emacs let you deal with mail, news, edit lots of code at the same time,
> plus it had a file manager, could run your compiles, and a bunch of
> other stuff... all with a unified and flexible interface.
> Emacs was really the first "desktop environment and IDE" for a time
> before there were even desktops or IDEs.

"Unified environments" weren't that unusual.  DEC had ALL-In-One,
for example, though it was an end-user environment, not for geeks.

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