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Re: Newsreader: Best of the bunch?

On Wed, 2005-10-19 at 16:24 -0700, Steve Lamb wrote:
> Paul Smith wrote:
>     Who said I wanted to use it.  Sorry, much to fond of other clients to even
> give it a glance.  Besides, what I said was that if its features were so
> neet-o keen that the concepts and way of working with mail would have been
> programed outside of emacs.  So far, in a decade of my experience, that hasn't
> happened.  So if those concepts, the ideas that found the mail client, are
> something to rave about, why haven't they shown up elsewhere?  If they're good
> concepts, they would at the very least be replicated.  If they're not good
> concepts then they won't be replicated.  Since they haven't that leads me to
> believe there is nothing of interest in gnus beyond the  "Well, if you happen
> to use emacs you can read mail in it" geek factor.

That's not very vigorous logic.  Other reasons why Gnus concepts 
may not have filtered out to the rest of the world:
- Emacs users tend to, well, use Emacs, and so see no need to write
  non-Emacs apps that act like Emacs.
- The Agent/Gravity, Outlook/Evo/KMail & Mutt paradigms are good 
- Combination of the 2 previous reasons.

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