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Re: Newbie wants Firefox and Tbird

Steve Lamb wrote:

>    Would you then agree that the supposed benefits of sudo in a single-user
>environment are far outweighed by the troubles of trying to wrangle people
>into using it instead of just teaching them good habits (regardless of tools)
>and getting them working.
I really don't have an opinion about whether the supposed benefits ...
outweigh (far, or barely) the troubles. (After this thread, I've fairly
well swung around to your way of thinking.)

However, what I've objected to all along is the claim that there is
"*NO* benefit" to using sudo on a single-user machine; I originally
claimed it to be "incorrect", and then modified it to be "not factual".
Here's my original post:

>I'll grant that there may be considerably less reason to use sudo on a
>single-user machine, but to claim that there is "*NO* benefit of sudo"
>is simply incorrect.
If the original claim had been "I find *NO* benefit ...", or "There's
arguably *NO* benefit...", etc, I would have quit long ago. I accept the
blame for being so stubborn on an issue of semantics, and wasting all
this bandwidth. My apologies.


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